Whole 30 Part 1

I am done with of Whole 30 as of two days ago. Part of me is surprised that we did it and the other part of me is not.

Let me give you a little back story.

A and I got married four years ago (actually four years ago in two days- happy anni!). I had been living with my parents before that and really wasn’t cooking too much while at home nor did I have any interest either. So when we got married and I had my own kitchen, I began exploring. Also, Pinterest became popular around that time too so recipes were of interest and before you know it, I am cooking pastas. a lot. I think I did consider that they were cheap so that was a positive but it became the regular. Of course, getting married + pasta = weight gain.

Four months later, we began running some and that definitely helped. We did eat better then but I don’t really remember what we ate. A year later, we began eating Paleo in November 2012. At first, we were pretty strict and of course, I was pinteresting Paleo recipes galore. It was great. We both lost about 10-15 lbs. each. We then joined gyms in 2013 and have been working out consistently for two years. We also incorporate running into our weekly routines. A is an Irontriber and I do Pure Barre. Another topic for another day.

Anyways, this past year we did a renovation on a new house, lived with my parents for six weeks, moved, you get the point… It was crazy. Pizza Hut carryout for the win to feed all of our awesome friends and family that helped us! All that to say, we needed a jumpstart. I was working out even two a days sometimes and was still gaining weight plus I was not going to my chiropractor which does affect my weight, health, etc. Don’t believe me? Let’s talk.

It. was. time. Our jump start was finally doing Whole 30 after years of Paleo. I am so glad we did. I told a friend yesterday that the experience was like the experience of going to another country and it really affecting how you view life. I am not exaggerating.

Food was constantly on your mind in that you were thinking, “Is this good for me? Is this going to HELP my body”? If we would just do that with our spiritual core…..

All that to say, I am SO glad we did it.

More to come including our favorite recipes!

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