Hello again

I have a really dumb reason for not posting. I thought I did not know my new sign in information. In a moment of relaxation, I sat down to figure it out and here I am. Working just fine. Whoops.

Many times throughout the week or month, I think of blogging about thoughts that come to mind and if I am not at some point thinking of it, my husband reminds me constantly to blog. I don’t really consider myself a typical blogger and honestly, it takes a lot to slow down and really think and write about things. I am doing better. Journaling has helped.So I hope to maybe pick this back up again. Who knows. No promises. 

So a quick “An Inch Deep” summary:

Life for me right now can be summed up as “changes and decisions”. Not always my favorite but honestly really humbling and really good through the process. I am thankful for friends and their prayers, honesty, and encouragement. 

The summer came and went so quickly. I probably had the best summer in a really long time. it was so smooth, stress-free, relational, and spirit filled. Aaron and I enjoyed several trips and have savored time we have together and with some of our best friends.

The school year started in a blink and then a new season in our lives started without warning. Do they ever give warning? School has been great; the Lord has been so faithful and good.

Who knows how much I’ll blog but I want to do a better job so that I have documented, written out thoughts, and in some way, been vulnerable with the outside world of my story.

Until then..


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