Quick post to catch up.

Happy Graduation week! I will have four graduations in one week. Happy Graduation! (Two of my cousins and one of Aaron’s cousins graduated from Hoover tonight. It only took 1.5 hours. I heard to prepare for three!)
Surprise graduation party for Amy at our house!
Captain training at a beautiful farm. I want to get this bed swing for my parent’s new house. Apparently, I am getting some sort of “outdoor something” for my birthday for my new house from my parents. Aaron seems on board. I feel like it is a swing. Am I that old to get a swing for my birthday? I am turning 26. Shhh don’t tell.
We stayed here. Beautiful.
I got to wake up to this earlier in the week. How can you resist? I have spent so much quality time with this precious one. I tell her daily I want to eat her up and I am not kidding. I absolutely adore her. She has my heart but so does her momma. I can’t wait to love Owen number 2 as well. (Max? We shall see.)
This one I get to spend time with and I couldn’t be more blessed. She is one I do life with and couldn’t be more thankful for our relationships with the Lord and the fact that she is a soul sista. You get me.
This guy. I love him. (Can you tell these are all from the same place? Chuys. Waiting.) Absolutely love him.
This guy should go last. He has my heart and my love for him grows daily. When I say that, I am not kidding.
This kid is just one of my favorites. How cute is he? I love seeing him and Aaron interact. They are best friends!
This big guy is one of a kid. I am glad to still be apart of his life. Happy Graduation, Dalt. Love you, Big Guy.
I will say to my faithful few that I have been HORRIBLE with updating, but if you think about it, I feel that I read that on people’s blogs a lot so maybe I am not really that bad.

I hope you enjoyed a few quick updated pictures with not many words of what has been going on in the world around me. I can’t end without saying Praise to the Lord!!!! He continues to take hold of my heart. I couldn’t be more grateful for His grace. He shows me daily my need for Him. He is everything.
Until next time…
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