Thursday night was an evening of Tommy, Lisa, and Holland; Alex and his wife; and of course, my family sharing dinner. It was a day of celebrating. Tommy and Alex work on our house and they are absolutely wonderful.

For example, the plumbing is having some issues so Tommy came to the house Friday night to look at it. I could go into the whole story of how he is so sacrificial to us but that’s for another time. Nonetheless, it was our joy to go to dinner with these people. It was a celebration of Alex’s one year out of prison as well as the anniversary of him and his wife. Tommy randomly was surveying a house next door to Alex’s about a year ago. Alex was on his porch and Tommy happened to walk over and offered him some work. God did a work in him, using Tommy as a mouthpiece.
Example of grace.
Anyways, here is a picture of Alex and his wife on the dinner night.
You and I, if you are a follower of Christ, have a job. We are disciple makers. What a privilege it is to have the Spirit of God in you as you overflow with Jesus to others. It’s a short time here to do that. It is our priority and privilege. I hope this encourages you to share with those around you and to the entire world.
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One Response to Grace

  1. RDJones says:

    this had me all teary eyed… I love your blog, Sis.

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